PAWS LLC Pet Sitting Service Agreement

Click here to download the Service Agreement

A Service Agreement is a standard practice for professional sitters, such as myself, as opposed to hobby sitters or people who watch their friend’s animals. It is formal and thorough, covering all aspects of you, the client, hiring a pet-sitter to come into your home and care for your animals.

The language in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section protects all parties involved in terms of health, safety, and service request, completion, and payment. For example, if you schedule and pay for a future service this contract says that I (as the pet-sitter) am agreeing to provide those services at the time they are requested, and not the next day or whenever I feel like it. For the pet(s), I won’t let him/her off the leash on a walk, if they collapse I will bring them a vet, etc. There is also a table that outlines the price structure for all appointment types so that I can't come back to you later demanding more money for a particular service rendered. Finally, this document indicates that I am licensed to conduct business in the state of Ohio, and insured and bonded. The insurance, for example, provides protection for injuries to myself, your pet(s), and other parties that we may come across during walks or house visits.

I am happy to leave the hard copy with you to go through on your own time after the initial consultation, but I do require that it be signed and left for me by the first appointment.