Hello, my name is Phil and I look forward to caring for your pets! I know how important it is for animals of all kind to get playtime and social interaction, and I enjoy giving that to them. After working in higher education for nine years I decided to leave an academic career in August 2016 and pursue my dream of working with animals by turning my ongoing volunteer work with animals into a full-time business. PAWS represents the professional culmination of my many years of experience living and working with animals. I strive to offer premium pet care at affordable prices because I know how important my own pets are to me, and how much yours mean to you.

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My Story

I am originally from Connecticut where I grew up fishing and hiking around New England with my dog Lindy. I graduated from UCONN in 2006 with a double major in Anthropology and Sociology and went on to graduate school for Archaeology at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. I am trained in human and animal anatomy, behavior, and biology, and always learning more. I completed my PhD in 2016 with nine years of experience teaching college courses and doing research on human behavior during the Stone Age.

While living in Champaign, I met my wife who got me involved with CATSNAP, a no-kill animal rescue group. As part of their organization, I helped with the “trap-neuter-return” (TNR) program for feral cats, cleaned cages, socialized with dogs and cats at pet stores, and fostered many homeless cats waiting for their forever home. I gained extensive experience working with animals of all sizes and temperaments, administering medications and treatment, and working with pet owners to provide the best care for their pets. Working for CATSNAP gave me the confidence and courage to properly care for all animals. From 2014-2016 I lived in southern New Jersey, finishing my PhD and teaching Anthropology courses at Stockton University.

In August of 2016, my wife accepted a position with Cleveland schools, getting us closer to her hometown of Buffalo, NY. We moved to South Euclid with our two dogs, Bella and Josie, our three cats, Mick, Xyla, and Toba, and Bowie, a six year-old red tailed boa constrictor - all rescues. I decided to take this opportunity to change my career and started PAWS. I am excited to work with animals and to provide their owners with support and peace of mind.

Volunteer Work

In conjunction with operating PAWS I also volunteer at the Euclid Animal Shelter helping to socialize dogs and cats, clean their kennels, and set up adoptions. If you're looking to add a new furry friend to your household please consider rescuing a shelter animal - you'll save a life and forever have their love and appreciation. Stop by the Euclid Animal Shelter (25100 Lakeland Blvd., Euclid, OH) and see the available pets! The shelter is open Tuesday to Saturday from 12-4pm.

It's a privilege to make a living being a friend to dogs and cats

Sir Lancelot the Great Dane and I circa 1987

Sir Lancelot the Great Dane and I circa 1987